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Explanation of table games

The most famous table games are Roulette and Craps. Both of them refer to the games of chance. In contrast to electronic machines, table games require knowledge, but doesn't necessary skills. Both craps and Roulette can be found in two casino types. Online gambling, however, gives you more chances to win a profit because of the bonuses offered. This article will tell you about basics of Roulette, and Craps, odds they present and rules.

Roulette overview

From the French, American and European roulettes the most famous and advantageous is the last one. Gamblers prefer this type because of the low house edge 2.63% when American roulette has 5.26%. It can be explained by the fact that American Roulette has double zero on the wheel, what increases player's chances of fail. Roulette odds depend on the type of the bet. Inside bets (Straight-up, Split bet, Street bet, Corner bet, Square bet) have high payouts, but low odds, outside bets (Low or High, Even or Odd, Red or Black, Dozen, Column) vice versa.

The rules of roulette are precise: you make your bet, dealer spins the wheel and wait until ball will lend into some cell on the wheel.

Craps overview

Craps game isn't complicated, rather complex because of the number of bets and value of dice. Craps odds strictly depend on these factors. This game consists of two stages, the first one (Come out roll) defines point number second one (Point roll) identifies all next rolls.

After bets on Pass Line or Don't Pass line are made, first toss is made and the outcome of the round depends on the value of dice. Natural (7 or 11) pass line wins, Craps (2, 3, 12) - pass line loses.

As you can see, all games have their peculiarities. You may try all of them in online casino free of charge and decide which one is your favorite.


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