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Slots History

The way of working of slot machine was same as the slot machines of today. With ten symbols of each three reels inside the casing the liberty slot machine was incredible. The suits from the playing cards were rear then the symbols and on each reel, there was a liberty symbol bell.

The big jackpot was the liberty bell and one can win fifty cents or ten nickels. The big amount could be won in those days. It was easy to calculate the odds. The 10X10X10= 1000 combinations could be gain with the ten potential stops with three reels. The big jackpot could be yielded with one of such combinations.

Prohibiting gambling

The slot machines for the purpose of gambling were strictly restricted in 1902. As it was, the runners of casinos earned a big business and lot of money. The picture was almost changing. In place of the card, suit, which was, placed on the wheels the picture of fruits and gums were re-pasted and decorated.

On the slot machines, the cherry have remained a stable the bars are the new face of the sticks gums, which were mutated. The bars are still seen on the slot machines. Until the 1970 the slot machines were not so popular and were bit novelty. For the hitting jackpot 15,624 to 1 option was given. There were only 25 different checks on the biggest reel and the physical structure of slot machine was limited.

To warrant the kind of ground space for the slot machine, in order to make for the casinos enough profit the considerable low amount has to be paid by the big jackpot. The pinball machine group finally made-up a fresh slot machine names as bally. It was built of both electronic and mechanical parts. As this machine could accommodate bigger coins so it allowed broad hoppers and big bets. The slot machines became more lucrative.

Haphazard number generators

With every changed random number generators became much popular in 1980. Throughout a computer program the spinning reels were stimulated by a mini computer random number generator was. The complete face of the casino was changed as the new random number generator a slot machine created a revolution in casinos. Than the actual reels the virtual reels were much larger.

These reels instead of being powered by a mechanism it was motorized by a computer. The slot machines games became more entertaining and attractive, as the new technology enabled the manufactures of slot machine. The new slot machines covered almost 80% floor in the casinos. The gambling became interesting and thrilling. The big profit was earned from these new slot machines.


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