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Quiz Machines and Their History

These are commercial coin operated video quiz games that offer winners cash prizes. These machines were first used in the UK. This was in 1985 when the Cardiff Company Coinmaster Ltd made the “Quiz Master”, which was the name of the first machine. While this was the first quiz machine, soon other manufacturers came up with their own versions. The general themes surrounded popular cultural aspects such as board games and quiz shows.

The players put in 20 pence, and they stood to win a maximum of 10 pounds per play. Later the value of the winnings increased with some quiz machines in the 1990s offering 40 pounds worth or prize money. As the prize money increased, the playing charge also increased with some charging 50 pence per game. As the charges increased in some quiz machines, so did the quality. For example, they came up with touch screen use to keep up with the modern times.

The “Who Wants to be A Millionaire” quiz machine

The highlight of Quiz machine evolution was the, “Who Wants to be A Millionaire” quiz machine introduced in 2000. While many people played the quiz machines for fun, like all casino games, the quiz machines also attracted an elite group of players that played the quiz machines on a professional level. They memorized questions in games and toured from one place to another, making money off the machines situated in different areas.

Based on this, the quiz machines creators started coming up with spoiler questions that made it hard for such professional players to win money from the machines easily. In addition, there was a fundamental change in 2000 from the focus on the stand-alone quiz game machines, to quiz machines with multi-game terminals that had the ability to run up to 30 different games from the same machine. This gave players variety, as opposed to having to concentrate on a single game format - as was the case in the previous quiz machines.

Multi- game terminal quiz machines

These games required the use of sophisticated gaming software to allow for a number of possibilities. It also helped to control the payout so as to avoid making excessive payments from a machine. They followed the regulations that each machine was expected to offer players a chance to win the jackpot, but made it highly competitive by lifting the skill level required to make this possible. However, there are some tips that players have learnt to follow to win when playing such quiz machines. These include:

  • Selecting the right team to help in answering questions that you one doesn’t know the answer to.
  • Choosing the right game. Players recognize that it is best to choose games that require an individual to have the answer to particular questions, as opposed to placing one’s winning chances on luck.
  • Players have now learnt to take time and understand a question so that they can give the right answer. In particular cases, questions seem simple but are not and end up cost a player the game.

These are just a few of the strategies used to win at quiz machine games.


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