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Go for the ‘fat one’, go for El Gordo

One of the main appeals of playing slots games is that you can play a game where the results are completely down to chance. You never know which way your luck is going to go when you decide how much to bet on a spin of the reels.

That being said, as there is such a huge range of choice of online slots you can narrow down the chances of winning a little by looking at the player to return odds displayed in the terms and conditions of each game, but it doesn’t mean you can influence the result in any way.

People play slots for the fun of it, and if you happen to win big, then so much the better. It’s the same kind of rationale as playing the lottery. People buy tickets for different lotteries around the world on the off-chance that they just might win the jackpot, but don’t go into it thinking that this possibility is anywhere near realistic. But, of course, it does happen, so why not be in with a chance of that winning ticket belonging to you?

Most countries have various national lotteries these days, but one lotto that has been around for over 200 years is the Spanish Christmas Lottery – Sorteo Extraodinario de Navidad. This used to be open only to Spanish nationals, but now people from other countries can take part to, by buying a ticket online.

You can go online to learn how the Spanish lottery Christmas draw works but don’t leave it too long. Unlike most other lotteries, there is only a limited number of tickets available. Ticket numbers are a combination of five digits using the numbers 0-9 and 160 series of each combination is printed. Of course, this means if you do end up hitting the jackpot, so will a number of other people, but there is still plenty to play for, as the overall prize fund this year is around 3 billion euros.

You might even decide to do what many Spanish players do and share multiple tickets with friends and family. That way, if any of the tickets hits El Gordo, you’ll all have something extra to celebrate this Christmas.


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