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Description of famous card games

Gambling include variety of games. Some of them are more popular some less. To the popular gaming types refer cards games which are Blackjack and Baccarat. The first game is based on skills, another one depends on luck. Most gamblers prefer to play blackjack as this is the only game with the lower house advantage and with possibility to be beaten. Also, there are many types of any gambling game. For example, there are two very popular types of lots like Vegas classic, Le Chatte Rouge. Let's look more closely on these games.

Blackjack Game Basics


There are many variations of Blackjack game. Their rules are quite comprehensive and easy. This game is played with 6 or 8 card deck. All gamers play separately against the dealer. When bets are made, dealer distributes two cards among gamblers one by one, another one he take for himself. The aim of all participants is to collect favorable value of cards that should be no mere than established norm. Dealer maximum value is 17, player's one - 21.

Winning methods

Blackjack has very strong winning system, which consists with basic strategy, cart counting methods and betting systems. Idea of basic strategy is in knowing when to hit or stand. Card counting techniques allow beating the dealer by counting the value of cards. Betting systems in their turn, offer mathematical steps that help to gain a profit.

Baccarat Game Basics


Baccarat table has three betting fields table "Banker", "Player" and "Tie". After bets are made, dealer draws two cards to each player. All cards have their values. In case if either dealer or gambler has common number of point that equals to 8 or 9, this combination is called "natural" and is the highest one. After "natural" combination occurred dealer sums up results.

Winning methods

In contrast to blackjack, Baccarat has neither strategies nor counting systems. All what you will have to remember playing this game is playing hints, which are:

  • Never bet on Tie, because it has extremely low odds 15.75%.
  • From Banker bet casino takes commission from 4 to 5%. In spite of this, Banker has more winning odds.
  • Player bet has 1.29% casino advantage

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