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Blackjack variations

Some of the earlier versions

  1. Over/under 13: Once this game was popular in Atlantic City and Las Vegas, but is fading away because card counters can easily cheat it. The bets in this game are resolved almost immediately when the dealer's up-card is revealed and pays out 1:1.
  2. Red and Black: It is a side bet akin to Over/Under 13 excluding that one can bet on whether or not the dealer's up-card is black or red. The bets are placed in "B" or "R" circle.
  3. Double Exposure: This game is also known as 'zweikartenspiel' and is one of the odd blackjack games. In this the dealer card is dealt with face up. Perceptibly, the player gets a lot of advantage. For counteracting this advantage the "Dealer wins ties" and "No Blackjack bonus" rules go along with this rule.
  4. Multiple Action: A player can place 2 or 3 bets in this game. There are 3 betting boxes for this purpose. A player ought to place bets in minimum initial two boxes. Different casinos have different bet size rules. The game is normal, but the dealer gets 3 hands.
  5. Bust Out: This side bet of blackjack is like insurance. Once a dealer turns over a hole card, and prior to the end of the dealer's hand, this bet is accessible only when the dealer gets a hard hand. A hard hand is the hand that have to hit and can bust if a ten is drawn by the dealer.
  6. Live Blackjack: This basically is an online version of blackjack which features real dealers who are dealing your cards live behind a camera.

Some latest additions

  1. Super Fun 21: A latest variation, this is a single deck blackjack. A player can double split aces and hit, or double and surrender on as many cards as he want and can surrender following a double down. There are many bonuses in this game, with 5 or cards this game pays 2:1.
  2. Spanish 21: This game has been present for some time now and is also getting popular. 6 or 8 decks are utilized. A player blackjack and player 21 wins all the time. Players can double split aces and can hit and might surrender subsequent to doubling.
  3. 21 Madness: This is a latest bonus and is a one dollar side bet. When you get blackjack and not the dealer, then it pays between five dollars and sometimes even 1,000 dollars by chance.
  4. Blackjack Switch: A player play two hands and place two similar bets. The main factor is that players are permitted to 'switch' their second cards, if they want.
  5. Super Match: this is a side bet of blackjack switch and is optional. The amount of bet need not be same to 'Blackjack Switch' bet.

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